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Is a VPA-FLEGT for Indonesian Palm Oil Possible?

The UK’s proposed Due Diligence Regulation has re-kindled the idea of a VPA-FLEGT arrangement for palm oil. Is such an arrangement possible? As we’ve discussed previously, the VPA (Voluntary Partnership Agreement) between Indonesia and the European Union was an arrangement that verified the legality of timber products leaving Indonesia and being sold in the EU.

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UK Due Diligence Consultation: Indonesia Responds

This week, the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) submitted a formal response to the UK Government’s consultation on the planned Due Diligence regulation. In the official submission, the Indonesian palm oil community raises core principles that the UK Government must consider when drafting its Due Diligence regulation. Considering the importance of the palm oil community

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Will the European Union Propose New Trade Barriers against Palm Biofuel?

The European Commission announced in mid-August its plans to revise the Renewable Energy Directive (RED) II, once again. This revision is widely expected to pave the way for additional non-tariff barriers against palm oil biofuel. The current RED trade barriers are the subject of an ongoing dispute at the WTO. While the European Union has

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UK’s Due Diligence Proposal: How Indonesia’s ISPO Achieves London’s Goals, and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals

The UK’s proposal on due diligence for imported commodities has sparked a debate about where legality and sustainability cross over. For many Western importing nations, the legality of a product is not enough; sustainability is the more important measure. But definitions of what constitutes sustainability differ wildly depending on the inherent bias or experience of

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UK Due Diligence Regulation: Indonesia Responds

The UK Government has released a consultation on a regulation focused on [Due Diligence on Forest Risk Commodities]. The consultation, and the forthcoming regulation is being authored by the UK’s Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA), along with the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO), Department for International Trade (DIT) and the Department for Business (BEIS). The consultation will take place over the coming six weeks, ahead of plans to insert the Due Diligence regulation into the Environment Bill later this year, probably in October.

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Indonesia Palm Oil Facts – New Website to Separate the Facts from the Fake

Welcome to Indonesia Palm Oil Facts – a new web platform supported by the Indonesian Palm Oil Association dedicated to separating the facts from the fake news and false claims levelled at Indonesian palm oil. Indonesia Palm Oil Facts will draw attention to the reality of the Indonesian palm oil sector including its productivity, sustainability, environmental advances and contribution to lifting millions of Indonesians out of poverty.

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