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Statement by Indonesian Palm Oil Association on European Parliament’s Move to Ban Palm Oil Biofuels

As the first EU trilogue for the Renewable Energy Directive (RED lll) convenes today, Joko Supriyono, Chairman of the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) issued the following statement: “The European Parliament’s proposal to implement an immediate ban on palm under RED III is unjustified and unworkable. In the midst of an energy price crisis, this

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Indonesia Palm Oil Association Statement on EU Deforestation Regulation

This past week, the EU Parliament voted through a draconian new proposal for a  Deforestation Regulation. The aim of the Regulation is obvious: make it harder and more expensive for Indonesian palm oil – and other developing world commodities such as coffee and cocoa – to sell into the EU market. Joko Supriyono, Chairman of

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Developing Countries Take Aim At EU’s Deforestation Regulation

Tomorrow, EU Parliament MEPs in Strasbourg, France will vote on the EU Deforestation Regulation. The EU Parliament, Council and Commission will then enter trilogue negotiations to determine the final text of the regulation. However, on the eve of the vote it is now clear that the Deforestation Regulation in its current form is a non-starter

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What Deforestation in Indonesia? New Data Shows Rates Falling Further.

Although the world is firmly focused on global palm oil prices right now, the picture for palm-related deforestation has improved significantly in 2022. New research by Chain Reaction Research indicates that palm oil-related deforestation has fallen to its lowest levels in four years.  This is in line with research by Global Forest Watch that reinforces

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Labour, Indonesia and the Future of Palm Oil

One of the most significant current policy challenges to face global exporters is that of labour standards. The current debate over labour standards is a complex mix, comprising several parts. Developed country governments, facing inexpensive goods from other regions, are seeking new modes of protectionism, particularly when faced with uncertain economic conditions and voters seeking

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Labor Rights in the Indonesian Palm Oil Sector: The Sustainable Path

Labor and human rights are the new defining issue for the palm oil sector globally, as we look ahead to 2022. Governments and customers have made it clear: they will not tolerate forced labor or child labor in their supply chain. Increasingly, strong labor standards are becoming a requirement for the supply chains of global commodities. In

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The Next Step for Indonesia-EFTA: Recognition for ISPO

The Economic Partnership Agreement between Indonesia and the European Free Trade Association (EFTA) – known as the IE- CEPA deal – finally entered into force on November 1, 2021. The enforcement comes following Swiss voters approving the trade deal in a referendum earlier this year, in March, which was the scene of major anti-palm oil campaigning

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The Long-Term Benefits of President Jokowi’s COP26 Strategy

COP26 was a milestone for Indonesia. As countries struggle to achieve self-defined objectives to reduce emissions and protect the environment, President Jokowi was one of few who could claim his country was ahead of schedule. Jokowi stated that Indonesia aimed to “transform its forest and land-use sector into Net Carbon Sink by 2030” thanks to sustainable

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