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Driving Sustainability: The Role of the Indonesian Government’s ISPO Certification System

The Jakarta-based Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF) has published a new policy brief that looks at the Indonesia Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO) certification standard and provides a series of recommendations for the Indonesian Government. The INDEF analysis examines recent updates of ISPO by the Indonesian Government and provides recommendations to the Indonesian Government

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ICYMI – Indonesia’s Deforestation Rate at All-Time Low

International experts, including at Global Forests Watch and the World Economic Forum, have celebrated the achievement of the Government of Indonesia and the Indonesian palm oil community in reducing deforestation to an all-time low. In a recent column in The Jakarta Globe, Joko Supriyono, Chairman of the Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI) and Fadhil Hasan,

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Indonesian Ban on Belgian Dairy Products Gains Momentum

Leading Indonesian political and media outlets have promoted the growing possibility of a ban on all Belgian milk and dairy products entering Indonesia, following Belgian Minister Zakia Khattabi’s decision to ban Indonesian palm oil biofuels from entering Belgium. The official Indonesian Parliament website carries the comments of Dr. Herman Khaeron, Member of the International Trade

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‘Ban Belgian Dairy Products’ Says Indonesian MP, in Response to Belgian Palm Oil Ban

Dr. Herman Khaeron, Member of the Trade Commission in the Indonesian Parliament, has called for Indonesia to impose a reciprocal ban on Belgian exports, following the decision by Minister Zakia Khattabi to ban biofuels made from palm oil from 2022. MP Dr Khaeron states: “This is an act of trade protectionism” which “will directly harm

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ICYMI: Can the European Union Adapt to a New Palm Reality?

Deputy Coordinating Economics Minister for Food and Agriculture, Musdalifah Mahmud and Senior Economist at the Institute for Development of Economics and Finance (INDEF), Fadhil Hasan, write in The Jakarta Post about what is at stake ahead of the upcoming EU-ASEAN Joint Working Group meeting on vegetable oils. The authors highlight the key issues for the

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ICYMI: President Jokowi Promotes Indonesia’s Environmental Track Record at World Climate Summit

Indonesian President Joko Widodo shared a powerful message to the world, about Indonesia’s great track record in reducing deforestation to an all-time low, during the Virtual Climate Summit hosted by U.S. President Joe Biden. President Jokowi highlighted the measures of the Indonesian Government in reducing deforestation “through policy, empowerment, and law enforcement, Indonesia’s deforestation rate

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Earth Day For Indonesia

Indonesia’s President Jokowi this week attended President Biden’s Earth Day Summit. The Summit hosts 40 world leaders, including eight – a full 20 per cent of attendees –  from the European Union. It’s worth observing that just three attendees are from Southeast Asia: Indonesia, Singapore and Vietnam. Unlike past conferences, however, the emphasis does not

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ICYMI: The Truth about Greenpeace’s Anti-Certification Agenda

A number of key stakeholders from across the Indonesian Palm Oil Community have written to the European Commission urging the European Union “not to follow Greenpeace’s destructive approach” on sustainability certification for palm oil. The letter was signed by – Indonesian Palm Oil Association (GAPKI), Indonesian Palm Oil Board (DMSI), National Action Plan of Indonesian

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ICYMI: Indonesia, a Forest First Nation

Coinciding with International Forest Day, Deputy to the Coordinating Economics Minister, Musdalifah Mahmud and Expert Staff at the Office of the Vice President, Fadhil Hasan, write in The Jakarta Post that Indonesia’s forests, the largest forest area in Asia, “have long supported the welfare of communities and, above all, they form the backbone of the country’s

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