Indonesian President Joko Widodo shared a powerful message to the world, about Indonesia’s great track record in reducing deforestation to an all-time low, during the Virtual Climate Summit hosted by U.S. President Joe Biden.

President Jokowi highlighted the measures of the Indonesian Government in reducing deforestation “through policy, empowerment, and law enforcement, Indonesia’s deforestation rate is currently falling, the lowest in 20 years. The cessation of conversion of natural forests and peatlands amounted to 66 million hectares, wider than the combined area of the UK and Norway. The decline in bushfires by 82 per cent in the region in the Americas, Australia and Europe saw the widest increase.”

He added that “Indonesia is conducting mangrove rehabilitation, mangrove forests covering an area of 620,000 hectares until (year) 2024, the widest in the world with carbon absorption reaching four times that of tropical forests.”

President Jokowi also reminded his counterparts of the importance to work together in order to put an end to unfair and discriminatory trade barriers against palm oil: “We must continue to take action together, a real global partnership and not blame each other, let alone apply trade barriers by quibble over environmental issues.”

President Jokowi has pointed the way forward. Now it is up to Indonesia’s trade partners to recognize the facts about Indonesia’s progress, recognize Indonesian Sustainable Palm Oil (ISPO), and support Indonesia’s efforts to meet the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

You can read the full statement here.