Fact: Indonesian palm oil has a strict, widely adopted certification standard for sustainability (ISPO), covering the whole country. In addition, Indonesian palm oil producers also meet international standards for regulatory schemes (e.g. ISCC) and NGO-led schemes (e.g. RSPO). Palm oil from Indonesia is certified more than any other vegetable oil from any other country.

Rapeseed and sunflower do not abide by these strict sustainability measures. Fewer safeguards exist to hold the powerful rapeseed and sunflower seed industries to account, despite the significant environmental harm they cause. Sadly, Western governments have turned a blind eye towards these oils and as a result they are not properly scrutinized or regulated.

As a result, these agro-industries are able to spend millions of dollars and Euros on supporting anti-palm oil campaigns and regulations. Indonesian palm oil is covered for certification schemes, and can truly be called the #1 Sustainable Choice. The real scrutiny should be turned on to the inefficient, environmentally-destructive, European oilseeds.