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Indonesia palm oil is committed to promoting responsibly produced palm oil, using industry innovation for the best agricultural practices possible.
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Good Health And Well-Being

Palm oil provides vitamins, nutrients, calories and essential energy for millions of people around the world, in particular the Global South. Palm oil is by far the world’s most-popular cooking oil; it contains crucial Vitamin A beta-carotenes (ten times more than are contained within carrots) and Vitamin E tocopherols, and is nature’s most valuable source of Vitamin E tocotrienols. Palm oil contains no trans fats and has a lower negative impact on cholesterol levels than other saturated fats such as butter – and therefore contributes to lower rates of cardiovascular disease.

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Industry, Innovation And Infrastructure

Promoting downstream industries: Indonesian palm oil is essential in Indonesia’s drive for economic and social advancement for our 260m people. Lifting an entire generation of rural communities out of poverty is a crucial step in empowering a new generation of innovators, entrepreneurs, and national leaders. Oil palm development has brought roads, hospitals, schools, places of worship and other essential infrastructure to far-flung villages and communities across Indonesia. Indonesia’s palm oil sector is one of the most innovative sectors in the country: as an example, downstream processing capacity for oleochemicals manufacturing has grown at a rate of 20 per cent annually between 2009 and 2019.

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Responsible Consumption And Production

Indonesian palm oil is focused on sustainable consumption and production patterns. Fundamental to this is producing more food, using less land. Producing more energy, with less waste. Palm oil is four times more land-efficient that European rapeseed; and ten times more efficient that soybean. This is the essential starting point for responsible consumption: using the most efficient crops available. The answer to this is to use palm oil. Indonesian palm oil is a key contributor to Indonesia’s renewable energy target, reducing fossil fuel subsidies for the country and smoothing the transition to a low-carbon economy. Palm biodiesel stops Indonesia fomr improting diesel – saving approximately $1.1 billion. Palm oil biofuels are powering our transport, providing domestic energy and power, and driving innovation.

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